X-bet MAGNET Lightning Deal on Amazon right now!



Ends in about 5 hours. $13.24 for 100pcs magnets.


Great deal, thanks!


Nice! Ordered some.


Thanks! Ordered!


Ordered. I’m going to have so many magnets in one corner of the apartment that it will wipe any drive within 10 ft.


Bought a box of them, thanks


Thanks for the tip. Just ordered some


Sweet deal! I got them for “free” with Amazon points, plus went regular ground shipping and got a $5 Amazon pantry credit.


Yeah, I jumped in and bought a box.


Ordered as well. I’m sure I’ll find a use for them (or just accidentally nuke my hard drive…)


Nice. Thanks for sharing!


Thanks, just made it in


Still on for the next two hours (until 11am EST)


Thanks @joe bought and paid for.


This deal is back for about another 14 minutes. 96% claimed. Hurry!


I bought some but my package seems to be lost in the void somewhere :frowning: Sometimes I wonder why I pay for Prime… happens too often.


I’ve never had an Amazon problem that couldn’t be solved by their customer service. Send them an email and they should make it right.


They were more than willing to refund so i could reorder. I just find two day shipping to be a joke most of the time. Of course after they built their new warehouse near us some things can show up the very next morning.


That’s my experience - either early or a mess, especially with stuff that ends up in USPS hands. I was spoiled in Houston with 1-2 hour delivery of tons of stuff. Can’t quite get that in Wimberley!


I got mine yesterday. My wife asked “what are you gonna do with those?” She should know by now that I don’t always go into stuff with a plan. :wink: