X-carve or Shapeoko or?


I can’t believe his stuff has never entered my YouTube feeds. I hadn’t noted him before. These are good. I pretty well focus on home built from scratch CNCs, so that makes sense. But still, these are good learning videos. He does a good job. Thanks for the share. But I do realize I have noted at least one of his videos with the I Like to Make Stuff stamp. I just never clicked through.


Winston recently moved from NJ to SoCal to work for Carbide3D, so expect to see even more CNC content from him.


Thanks to everyone for their replies on this topic. I have the videos added to my watch later list! My unit hasn’t shipped yet, so I’m trying to make a spot for it in my new shop. I ordered the Suckit, but I’m sure there’s still going to be a fair amount of dust coming off of this when not in use. Do those of you who have both a CNC and a GF keep them physically separated? Like a dirty side, and a clean side?


Suck-it (on the x-carve) really keeps the flying dust down. There are some bigger pieces that escape but they don’t typically get off the table. I do use a Cyclone Here between the Vacuum and I think that makes a big difference. I still can’t believe when I open the vacuum, inside it still looks almost new (hardly any dust)

Seriously, this is the vacuum after two years of CNC cutting. The cyclone just gets everything.
Now as far as your original question. Actually the CNC and Glowforge are in different rooms but my laser is with the rest of my wood shop (bandsaw, Sanders, Tablesaw etc. ) and exposed to even more dust. I don’t see an issue so far, I just have to dust off the outside once and a while.


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