Xmas Earring Fun

Another project that started simple, then got re-purposed into something else entire.

Wife wanted a tree to paint on a 12x30 board we had, so I made a very simple bottom tree section with a snow highlight, then kept propagating it up smaller and smaller until I had a complete tree, and then scored it onto the board.

She has not painted that board yet and as busy as she is, I imagine it will be a ‘thing’ for her to do for next Christmas.

Meanwhile, I was making some hand off earrings for her to give to people she interacts with that do not rate an actual Xmas gift, and I remembered the tree.

So, sized to earring dimensions and then engraved on some 2-color (something on white) scraps I had laying around.

Green/white was the winner and I made a pile of them for her.

I did a reverse engrave on some red on white I had. So the tree got engraved instead of the snow. It is the upper red one in the picture.

I thought it came out neat, since it has a texture to it from the engrave. (Wife looked at it and did that thing with her mouth, though. So I guess it is guy thing ‘cool’.)



Those look so cool!


Very nice!

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You are an awesome husband for making these! They turned out great!

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Very nice effect!

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I mean, unless the texture is really regimented (which possibly could be handled with a defocused engrave) I think that would be the obvious winner since the snow would be “on top” of the tree branches…hmmmm, do I have any of that around?

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Wow, those came out great!

Great Idea! Those came out very nice!