Yeah! Glowforge @ Seattle Maker Faire 18Sep2016!


Really stoked to finally see and experience a Glowforge in person today! It was great to talk with the team ( @dan, @Rita, @Kusmeroglu, @StephanieS, & more ), and feel that much more excited for getting my own forge in the near future. Even got my wife and daughters enthusiastic for getting it!

Here’s some pics and a few video links I took today. :grin:

Me :slight_smile:


Finger on the button!

The frame I made really quick!

What my almost 2 year old daughter made!

Vid 1:
Vid 2:


What cute little glowforgers! (getting an early start!) :smile:

(And they beat me to it…sigh!)


It’s a real pain to post and upload and edit via my phone…

Bear with me while I clean this up a bit! :wink:


Awesome frame design.

Does it hold a regular wallet size photo? I was guessing only about a half wallet size by eyeballing a ruler.


Thanks. Hehe
It was just one of the templates they had in the booth. I cut a 2x2 pic for it. :slight_smile:


I LOVE the way the prints came out!


Thanks so much for reporting back, and for the videos, especially. The booth videos always leave me with info about something I had been chewing on but hadn’t gotten around to asking yet.


You were literally right in front of me in that line! It was fun to see all of your family’s enthusiasm for the GF.
Ooh, look, there I am in your video! :smiley:


! Hehe… awesome. We all hide in plain sight!
It was worth the wait, and yes seeing them feel the buzz and enjoy the experience was excellent.


Great to meet you Dan!


I’m glad to share the experience with others. :slight_smile:


Here’s a tweet from my wife and some other moments there on her feed


Hopefully some alliances/friendships were made this weekend with fellow glowforgers meeting in person. I look forward to sharing of creations and ideas and tips ,once we start using our laser ,with all the members I’ve interacted with in this forum, I hope All have a great week…I have to get 2 Quinceara glasses sandblasted/ngraved and two cake cutter. servers engraved by tomorrw, Still havent cut out the mask templates yet (330 am) Better try and slleep, first…


One last appeal to possibly consider sending a single unit and staffer to the Atlanta Maker Faire. Not the Mini Maker Faire… full blown Maker Faire. It’s grown and grown since 2010 and would be a great place to demo it in the Southeast. October 1 and 2nd… Sat/Sun.


I would figuratively die if this wish came true. :smiley:


I wish we could! Unfortunately not in the cards this year.


I see @dan already said no but if there was ANY type of presence I’d find a way to be there. Sadly there is just not enough of us in the SE for anyone to care. :rage:

BTW, @jktechwriter is there a way for me to find out who will be there?


Awesome that you guys are a full Maker Faire now and not just a mini!

But I think the timing works against you far more than the location. With the team heading up to New York, and Dan only able to even be there for a single day (Tony unable to attend at all), adding another location on top of everything is understandably impossible.

I imagine being overlapped with New York sucks in many other ways. Surprised that Make did not advise the event coordinator to chose a new date long ago.


Maybe contact the coordinators?

I did a quick search and didn’t find the list… they’ve always had one in the past, so I’m sure it’s somewhere and I just can’t find it. Last year, they had somewhere between 250-300 exhibitors if memory serves. I imagine it’ll be larger this year. It’s been growing every year…


I’d prefer they sent our lasers to us on time!