Yeah... it's a ruler

Remember those days. Emoticons before Emoji existed.


When I open the File on Ai and I click on the red rectangle It says the entire shape is 10.7in Long. But it’s an 8" ruler Is this accurate haven’t actually printed it yet.

That doesn’t sound right.
I don’t use Ai; I’m using inkscape. Under inkscape, the ruler comes up as 8.05" x 1.05". (The extra 0.05" is kerf for the foam.)

Yea on Ai. I guess it changed the width of the shape for some reason… The layers were still organized and everything but the size was all whack. I just sized it down. But thanks for the heads up with the .05" That’s pretty important!

Your wish granted - you still need the 1/4 “x 1” carriage bolts, nuts and the handles for those and you cut out the empty rectangle and rotate it 30 degrees so the rulers will engrave and do that twice and voila.


Upgraded to add the 30-degree angle and move the design below the rulers so they can be moved separately. You might also copy paste that part so you can drop it in the jig you made for the first run.


BTW What font did you use for the numbers. I’m waiting to make a bigger one and kinda not like mixing fonts…

I will post my rulers that I made off yours on here for others to enjoy.

Funny, I ordered one on Amazon yesterday for $5. That’s cheaper than draftboard!

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One oddity that I noticed on your ruler: you said you wanted one side in millimeters (tenths of a centimeter) but the ruler uses imperial-style variable-height divisions giving you eighths of a centimeter or 1.125 millimeters per division. Weird.

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