YELLOW fingertips

Hello there… I’ve a question. Am I the only one who’s getting a sort of yellow tan on their fingertips??? I just started using my brand new GF yesterday and it’s my very first laser as well so I really don’t know if it is normal at all. My theory is that it’s the burned residue in the proofgrade paper , does that make sense? If anyone else is finding this on their fingertips what do you do? I’ve washed them a thousand times and they are still yellowish…
thank you for taking your time reading this… have a nice one :slight_smile:


Its the wood. Ive noticed Walnut stains me sort of yellow/tan. Padauk stains everything super red. Everything. Stained fingers and smelling like smoke is my new thing.


So far I have had really excellent luck with the alcohol hand cleaner and have seen a few places with real scorching and thus are darker but any smoke or resin is gone and most of the smell as well. I have not tried to cut leather yet but I suspect that luck won’t hold out for that.


It’s the residue from cutting. I don’t know for sure but I think it is polymerized saps and/or glues. It’s hard to get off for sure, fast Orange is supposedly pretty good.

I’ve been calling it “laserfingers”, and I think it’s something we all have now :slight_smile:


Rubbing alcohol cuts it pretty quick, acetone is practically instant.
Just a note regarding removing it from your material, it seems to dry out and get harder over time. If you wait overnight, it is much more difficult to remove than if you did it right after the operation.


Lol I look like I’ve been smoking 3 packs a day.


Might be an idea to wear gloves when handling lasered wood. I have a big box of nitrile gloves that I use when wiping the beds of my 3D printers with acetone. They don’t costs much in bulk.