Yet another board game design - Connect 4



@JeremyNielsen inspired me to create a connect-4 game, here: Design Challenge #1

Once again, I had to put my own “architectural” spin on it. I know it makes the game connections a little harder to visualize when playing, but I like how it looks.

It was designed in Fusion 360. I’ve yet to cut a real one.

Like the backgammon board I posted earlier, I’m not posting this design for free. I am hoping to post it in the GF Store once it’s up and running.


These building themed games of yours are awesome!


are you glueing one “building” to the next? I dont see any dovetails or joiners.

or is it all a facade??

looks amazing btw.


dude awesome


Way to one-up-me!! Kidding. Haha. Looks fantastic!!! Love it




I was thinking of a connect four that used acrylic pieces to drop but had led lighting in channels as well. If incorporated into this idea you could have windows that are lit up! Would even be interesting to but small caricatures of silhouettes in the windows ( people eating, sitting, reading showering? So many ideas. And by the way - nice job ! Has that been assembled - or is it simply a render ( what software do you use?).


This is smashing!


It has not been assembled, I don’t have my GF yet :frowning:

I use Fusion 360. It gives pretty good renders, but I still need to figure out how to setup the lighting. I find some of my renders too dark.


There is a “bar” running between each column of game pieces. I’m going to glue each building to that. There’s also a bar that runs across the front on the bottom for some stability.

I may cut a 1/16" backing piece for the building and glue all the small building pieces to that, I’m not sure yet.

Here’s a picture with the front “building” pieces removed, so you can see the vertical bars.


This is awesome. I played this all summer one year as a kid.


One of my friends just dropped in and suggested I use yellow instead of white for the game pieces. It has kind of a “lights on/lights off” theme. I also find it easier to see where the yellow pieces are compared to the white pieces.


Agreed, I didn’t notice how harsh the white was compared to the wood. Yellow looks much better. I also like the lights theme.


i had wondered about how you might engrave people or curtains or something onto the pieces, but figured registration would be an issue with the round pieces. The yellow for ‘lights-on’ looks great!


I don’t see why game pieces have to be round. Either square, or rounded corners of a square in order to have them slide into the channels easily. They would then sit at the correct orientation in the frame. Additional rule, if you put the piece in sideways or upside down it doesn’t count. Or, if you’re in College, you have to drink!


Great design. I’d be interested. You’ll have your Glowforge paid off in no time!


I think square pieces would get stuck at the top at weird angles. Round pieces should get “less” stuck.


polymagnets to auto-rotate the round pieces to the correct orientation…
ok, thats just maybe more work than it is worth :grimacing:


Ummm… if connect four - didn’t white (or yellow) already win in the diagonal? :grin:


I love the design. I think you may need the thin backer just to all those small pieces in place during repeated use. I also agree the yellow pieces look great.