Yet another edge lit LED-light

One of my first “proper” projects after a myriad of boxes, kerf guides and other bits… An edge-lit LED lamp made from an old Soviet astronomical map - which I forgot to mirror before engraving. Colour change happens with an Arduino, the colour knob adjusts hue, saturation and value.

For future projects: Does anybody have a source of pre-made edge lit light bases?


Well, that’s gorgeous! :grinning:


GREAT job!

Many of us have used these:

But they appear to be unavailable at the moment. Here’s the single version:


It’s clear acrylic – just turn it over! :wink:

There’s another thread somewhere with links to bases on Amazon – I’ll have to leave the searching to you, since I’m making myself late for work as is! I think the cheapest ones were around $10.

I make my own, which is probably just as expensive overall, but you can be creative with the base. I use dimmable touch-activated LEDs and USB cables in pretty colors to light them.

Come to think of it, I should post my basic base pattern made to fit the USB LED / USB cable combo – I’ll do that next time I get a chance.


Can’t ever have too much edge lit acrylic LED lights—keep ‘em coming! The map looks great edge lit.


I get mine off of eBay. I search on LED Menu and there are usually a bunch. They come with a plastic sandwich board where you’re supposed to slip in a menu insert but it’s crap plastic and I throw it out.

They come in a variety of fixed or changeable colors and run from $5-7 or so delivered. They’re battery powered and ship from China so it does take a couple of weeks but I keep some on hand and just reorder when I’m getting low.

The ones I’ve gotten have a slot that’s a bit thicker than 1/8" acrylic but thinner than 1/4" so I use the thicker acrylic with an engrave on the bottom to let it fit snugly.


Nice job!!

Great design brought to life! My first couple I did, I also forgot to invert the image as well. Nobody I showed them to noticed that they were supposed to be the other way around :slight_smile:


My son noticed - and he doesn’t even read Russian!


fwiw I would very much love to see that design :hugs:

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Here ya go. :slight_smile:



Love LED lights! Very nice!