Yet another Keepsake Box

Encouraged by Another Keepsake box :D, I gave the Keepsake Box a try, using the :proofgrade: thick leather & cherry plywood…Once I got past the burnt hair smell of lasered leather, I thought I’d see what some acrylic paints could do on the leather.

I was going for more of a University of Texas orange, but in the light it looks more like a basic brown. I kinda wish I could dial in paint blends with hex codes, but hey.

So when I first painted over it, I was kind of expecting the engraved bit to show through, but the first pass made it nearly a solid color. I used a damp sponge brush to dab out the color and restore the appearance of the engrave, but that was…imprecise. I was thinking next time, it might be easier to take my raster, convert it to a cut line, cut a copy out of masking tape, and reapply before brushing over the piece.

How are other folks handling the engrave? Just painting around it? Masking it? What’s a good practice for someone who just started dabbling with leather earlier today? :slight_smile:


Looks great for someone who just started dabbling! :grinning:


well, it’s a pre-tested base design from the catalog, of course, and a skyline image purchased from Etsy, so that took out a lot of the heavy lifting. :wink:

Burning :fire: (literally) through all those pre-order store credits.

Next up, I’m going to try the card wallet. Funny side story, I picked up a stitching pony (it seemed cheaper than burning it from my :proofgrade: inventory) and some leather needles & thread…Could not find the thread. See my kid earlier tonight walking around trailing a 25-foot line of Hot Wheels all knotted together.

Glad I live in an Amazon Prime Now delivery zone.


What a hoot! :smile:

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Wow! That is a whole new level of cool!


Great job with the engraving! I guess you could peel off the masking before lasering, dye or paint the leather, and re-mask before engraving, if you want the non engraved part to be colored.

Loved the Hot Wheels story!


Looks really nice.

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