Yet Another Laptop Stand - 2 Piece - 1/4 Inch/5 mm

Thanks for the design!! I tend to overthink a lot…just takes up a lot of usable time. :wink:

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Sorry my daughter was getting married yesterday so I haven’t paid much attention to social media. The little guy to the left of the MacBook is Jibo. He’s a social robot that interacts with people. Unfortunately the company is going out of business and the servers which supported most of the things that Jibo did I’ve been shut down. The company has been bought and there are new developers working on bringing him back to life. He currently looks around the rooms finds me greets me in the morning ask me if I’m having a good day and if I turn on the ceiling fan he tends to stare up at it because it is moving. The trials and tribulations of early adopters.


Congratulations on the wedding. Did you end up making anything for the wedding? Something tells me if any of my sons ever get married, I could get really busy. :wink:

I am going to have to read up on Jibo…that is a new one for me to learn about. I just have Google Assistant…when I said “good morning” to her she told me the weather and that I have an 18 minute drive to work today. I told her “I don’t work on Sundays”, she said to enjoy my day off and then started to play a son called “I don’t work on Sundays”. I complimented her humor and she said she didn’t understand. Definitely she is a work in progress as well. LOL

I made a couple things. I designed plaque announcing their wedding day and for my son who actually perform the services that’s the notebook for him.


Very classy! I’ll bet it was a beautiful wedding! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you for the compliment Jules.
We had a very small wedding at my son-in-law‘s parents house. It was only eight of us and my son-in-law‘s father has health issues that made us have to be extra careful during these times. We then came to our home we’re members of the wedding party could not attend the ceremony got together for a little party. Again wearing mask and sitting at tables that were separated by at least 6 feet. It is what it is and I applaud the kids for making the decision to stop postponing and just get it done. We are hoping in March 2021 we will be able to still have the big shindig at the venue that we originally booked. Thank you for asking.


I originally suggested to hubby to have our wedding on 02-20-2020 because I figured it was a date he wouldn’t forget (since he could never remember the date of our first date…)…but he told me he didn’t want to wait that long. Having no idea what 2020 held in store for us, I am glad we didn’t wait.

I absolutely LOVE the monogram on the plaque!!! I haven’t ever seen one done like that before and definitely would like to make one for us…I hadn’t even thought about something like that for us…drats would have made a good first anniversary present. Very classy both that plaque and the book.

We had a small wedding (my husband is very shy) and it suited us perfectly. His parents and family were NOT happy about our decision but it would have been their party and the groom would have not enjoyed it. Their family is large with like 5-7 siblings on EACH side, plus spouses, plus children which apparently a cousin’s wedding was 300 people and they were out of town!! We had around 20ish and was perfect.