Yet Another Laser Safety Sign




Oooh yeah…that goes on the list. :relaxed:


It’s sort of funny how we can interpret really simple shapes as very specific stuff. I mean, that’s clearly a head putting on glasses. But it doesn’t even look anything like those things… I feel like maybe I would’ve known what it was even without the context of the safety sign.


I feel like lasering a warning sign for your laser is almost a catch 22.


That’s not a big round bird dipping its head for a drink out of a glass of water?


Looks like ET’s head to me. lol


Can’t unsee.


Gee, thanks Erin! :innocent: Now all I can see are these guys…

…about 20 seconds into this:



Yeah. It’s like those trick pictures. Once someone points out the hidden one, you can’t see the “normal” one no matter how hard you try :grin:


Like this one: