Yet another new maker toy

…although I don’t expect many of us will be interested (for one thing: msrp is $13k). What I’m interested in is, how does the thing work? And can we use the laser foils in our GF?


Seems to be extremely over priced.

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Definitely yes, there are a few examples on here even :slight_smile:


Looks great, but out of my budget. I will simply stick with Laser Foil from Johnson Plastics for now. Yes it is thicker. Yes it has an adhesive backing, but I can buy a lot of it for $13,000.


This machine is for applying (printing) foil to materials.

The GF can remove foil from materials.

Slightly different use-cases.

If you have a Cricut or Silhouette you can use this cool add on device that allows you to foil stuff too, unfortunately you don’t get as much Z height for thicker things. I’ve watched a few youtube videos and it looks pretty cool.

—>Foil Quill

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Previously in Roland laser foils:

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No thank you. I had a box full of those foils and they are obscenely expensive. (In addition to the cost of the machine.)

I’ll stick with the Oracal “whatever number it is” and the laser.


@evansd2 did some research on a similar unit, and a later post said it was a low power blue laser.

Too bad we can’t quite do this, it is a neat outcome.

Oh yeah, I remember now. I thought it was a new thing since it showed up in my email from RolandDGA as a new thing (I’m on their mailing list due to my GX-24 vinyl cutter).

Well, it was still new to me! Glad I saw it.

Neat machine but man, the products that are officially for “decorating” are awfully expensive.

Thanks for this link! Will have to get it for my sister. :grinning:

Roland builds dedicated machines suited for specific tasks, they do them extremely well, and the software they provide is also very task-specific and easy to use.

Folks that are already using other Roland desktop units (mills, engravers, imprint printers, etc) would have no qualms about the price for the decorator because they know it’ll run reliably for years.

Roland’s been making desktop manufacturing equipment 20+ years. They have a massive lead on all the hobby kits guys.

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