Yet another online 3D modeling app


Just when you thought you knew all the online modeling tools, they come out with another one… just entered public beta today.

Who puts honey on cookies???

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending March 4th, 2017

To be fair, I’d probably put honey on cookies if given the option.


Just from the screen shot the interface looks nice and clean. I may have to give it a look see.


Honey is the bacon of sweets :smile:


Mmm bee vomit cookies…lmao


It seems all free right now. I’m guessing that long term they may do the Onshape route. Generally free but all your models on their server . And you have limited memory.


Free for up to 5 private, non-commercial projects. Above that there are paid tiers.


Wow, that is so cool!


Here is a 3D sculpting tool.


That is very interesting.

The sphere startup page is causing me to do a mental picture with 3D.


Neat. Runs pretty darn smoothly in the browser.


Tried to make a pine tree.

Didn’t work.

Can’t fight it.


Bwahahahaha! Spew!


Chuckle! At least yours looks like a face! All I can get when I use one of those clay modeling programs is giant angry frog monsters.

(Oh, wait…once I got a giant angry turtle monster.)