Yet another set of name snowflake ornaments

I got inspired by all the other variations on this idea in the forums lately, so here’s my take.

Instead of mirroring the name in the design, I’m flipping the piece after the first cut (with the material secured to the bed for alignment). You get a nice 3D effect looking at it up close.

These ones are for some extended family pets — hence the paw print cutouts. The rest have various other shapes to make the overall design more “snowflake-y”, make similar sized ornaments for both shorter and longer names, and of course to have a loop for hanging it from.


Wonderful inspiration; I’ll have to make one for my cat.


I like how these turned out.


With surplus cardboard for cutting nice little packages:

Also, cutting the snowflake-holder-holes out of cardboard means there are lots of little cardboard snowflake-ey things. The preschool down the block is having lots of fun with them now.