Yet another tablet stand

I use a 7" Fire tablet as a weather station display, and figured out a way to perch it on top of the desktop speaker which also holds my headphone stand. This saved a lot of desk space.

I made the tablet captive with a C-shaped bracket so that I don’t accidentally knock it off when picking up the headphones.

The whole thing is painted with matte black acrylic craft paint, nothing fancy but it works.

1/8" wood cuttable file is attached. You’ll need to glue it, the kerf isn’t super tight. If you don’t need something big behind the tablet, you can just lop off part of the base.

Depending on the shape of your tablet you may need to adjust the shape of the inside of the bracket. :person_shrugging: I recommend cutting one of the vertical supports in cardboard first to test fit.

This is not my most elegant design if you look at it closely, but I just wanted to get it done and arrange my desk!

7 inch fire tablet captive stand for eigth inch plywood.pdf (166.4 KB)


I think it looks very nice. Thank you for sharing!


Very nice!


This turned out great! Thanks for the share!


I really like this. Thanks for sharing. I need a nice tablet stand

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Nice to save some desk space. Great solve.

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