Yet Another Wine Gift Box

I just got my Glowforge a week ago. This is not my first laser cutter, but definitely the easiest (and safest!) one to use. In just a few days, I’ve already used it to cut several designs.

I thought I’d share this one with the community that inspired it. I really liked the idea of a personalized wine gift box, so I designed this simple carrier and then lightly engraved my company logo on it for a work gathering. It was a tremendous hit.

The Glowforge camera made it easy to cut the box first and then align the engraving pattern later.

Feel free to use/modify this design, although there are much better ones on this forum. When assembling this, you’ll want to slot the two short sides into the bottom before putting the front and back sides on. Glue required! (4.9 KB)


Thank you for sharing this very functional design.

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Nice work, and thank you for sharing your design!
Welcome to the community.

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Welcome and thank you. I look forward to seeing more of your creations.

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Wine boxes are one of those things that never get old because everyone can put a unique spin on them. I like.

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Great Design! Thank you for sharing! Welcome to the community!

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Thank you so much for the design! Nice that you added the logo to yours. Makes it so much more fun!

This is amazing Thanks for sharing!