Yeti Lids

Question? Has anyone ever engraved a Yeti lid or know if it might be safe to engrave?

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They are a rubber derivative?
Not see any MSDS link on the Yeti site, so you would have to directly contact them.
You would probably be the first to ask them if it is safe to burn and your request may be on the top of their Most Interesting Question board for awhile.
Smoke irritant for sure, (if rubber based), and smelly as hell.
Other than that, it would require a response from them as to what materials are used in the fabricating process.

Got me wondering now if it would be crisp or slagged when burned. No matter, smell would probably make this not a high use item.

Yeah this is something you consume from, if it’s stinky it won’t be terribly pleasant to use anymore.

Thee things tend to gas out though, so chances are the smell wouldn’t last forever.

I don’t know what that Yeti lid is made from, but this 3rd party Yeti replacement lid is made from ABS.

If the Yeti lid is also ABS, it won’t engrave well.

I would contact Yeti customer support, they can probably tell you what kind of plastic it is.