Yikes The Black Ribbon of Doom 😬

Alright, so all the “is it or isn’t it” is over. it is. And the waiting for it is over, it keeps staring at me accusingly for a week now. I have read all the official stuff several times, even pointing out mistakes by them.

I am still not well prepared to replace it. I am wondering if anyone else, having replaced it, has some more insights, cool tricks, hazards to watch for, etc as it was trickier than it looks and way more than they explain.

Well it’s fairly simple overall. The trickiest part for me was being careful it didn’t stick to the glass until I had it properly positioned. The glue is quite aggressive and you won’t want to have to pull it back off if you don’t get it all lined just right.

It is pretty aggressive now. And hard to reach. I am wondering if some hand sanitizer might soften it enough to at least get it started but not sure if it would make a bigger mess,

I have not yet discovered a way to get the old one off without brutality.

Yeah I just pulled it off and then cleaned the residue off the glass with alcohol.

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Have you tried sliding a length of dental floss behind one end and then working it forward using a back & forth sawing motion with the floss to cut through the existing glue?


Interesting, I will try to think along those lines.

I read all the instructions like five times, then my husband decided to replace it for me…without reading the instructions or listening to me while I repeated the instructions over and over again.

Overall, I say that it was more stressful for me than for him; I think he wasn’t as emotionally tied to the life of the machine. In the end, it took less than five minutes and machine worked perfectly, despite me telling him where he needs to put everything and him completely ignoring me.


Dental floss is used to remove emblems from cars all the time. Very thin but strong and it cuts through the glue or even if it’s got a backing as well.

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Although floss and fishing line do work fine for this kind of adhesive, there’s no harm in just pulling on the broken cable (once all the connectors are separated!)

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That is a big piece of the problem, There seems not to be enough clearance to slide the connectors out. What I have is waxed nylon leather stitching, and other but no floss.

Also bamboo skewers.

You absolutely don’t want to start removing the cable before those connectors are released and the cable removed. They are not designed for repeated insertions and are very delicate.

GF had no idea these would fail like they have, but in hindsight, both the cable and connectors are very poor design choices. Another small board on the lid, with a cable designed for repeated flex between it and the one on the back, would eliminate this issue.


That is what is scaring me a lot, Rather it take longer than screw this up. For all the ideas they got right the fails are really hurtful. Reminds me a lot of all the research NASA did to come up with the tiles and never considered the glue.

Well I got it off! :woozy_face: clean and put in new now.
ended up using very fine needle nose pliers :grimacing:


OK, that was 4h ago - did it work?

It came off, but still have not finished cleaning yet. :flushed: made lunch and now stomach is annoyed at me.