Yoga inspired mandala

I have some friends starting a new Yoga studio and thought we should make them a grand opening gift.
This mandala is 18" in diameter and 9 layers of 1/8" thick material deep. I have included a photo of the back showing the keyhole slot for hanging along with my method of making this piece larger than the Glowforge can cut in one go. I have 2 pieces roughly 9" x 18" that align with the puzzle joints. I use the small .125" diameter holes for dowels to align the various layers.
I used Proofgrade blue Acrylic to provide the color accent.


Gorgeous! I love the integration of acrylic with wood.

Gorgeous is right! I’ve been wanting to design something like that for the mantelpiece, and wondered how many layers I could get away with…nine looks excellent with the 1/8 material.

Does it weigh a lot?

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Thanks. It weighs 4.8 lbs.


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Wow! Outstanding!

I pretty much love everything about this. :slight_smile:

It’s a really professional looking design and your execution is outstanding! I’ve not done much combining of wood and acrylic but this example inspires me.

Thanks. Here is another example of the technique. Proofgrade maple and teal proofgrade acrylic.


Stunning, both designs!


I am sure it will be hung in a prominent spot in the studio.

Simply beautiful!