You are awesome!

Hey, hey!! I am a new Glowforge pro owner. I have seen all the things you all do and I have to say, “you are all awesome!” How do you come up with all those amazing things? I can’t even draw a stick figure! Illustrator is super hard to use as well. Just wanted to say that I am super impressed with all of you and thankful for those that share your awesome designs. Thanks a bunch. Hopefully I can make some cool stuff too someday.


And you know what else is awesome and humble? Folks who take the time to spread love and admiration. :heart: It’s cool that you’re working on learning Illustrator and making your own stuff, just give it time and you’ll find your own style. There’s a steep learning curve to it, but you’ll get there and we’re here to help when you need a push up the hill. :slight_smile: And please share your work along the way and don’t wait until you think you have something “worthy”, because it’s all worthy.


Indeed many are quite amazing but I think you will be amazed at your future self as well I think. I stand in awe of what others here are able to accomplish but have improved a bit over time even if never coming close to the stars.

If you are struggling with Illustrator you might want to try Inkscape and see if that seems easier. I had never touched it before purchasing my pro and am doing reasonably well. I had worked with Gimp as you will want a good raster editor to go with the vector editor and those work well together.

There are more opinions than people about what program works best and each has a slightly different spin on what is basically the same needs, but if you are just starting with ideas I would try as many as you can to see what feels best.


Osaran – I love how well Illustrator works with Glowforge, but I know that the AI workspace can be overwhelming when you’re new. IMO there are only a few tools you really need to use in AI. I made some quick tutorials explaining some basic line drawing tools for a friend in a similar situation – I’m sharing them here, maybe they’ll help you. Good luck! (1.2 MB) (1.2 MB)


It’s the people, like you who make this place awesome. I had never been part of a creative community before but knew right away I had found a special place. Thank you for contributing :sunglasses: Enjoy your adventure of exploration!


Thank you so much.

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Yes that’s true. thanks

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