You know what would be great

I would love to have a 1/2 day class on how to use the Pass-Through on my #Glowforge at the head quarters in Seattle. I would even fly across the country to learn more about how to be an expert Forger. Heck, I would even bring the bagels.

Would anyone else be interested in such a class?
Food for thought @dan


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Not a bad idea!

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Oops. Got ya. Updated. :slight_smile: Thanks @evansd2

I’m not knocking it, and I know people have diferent learning styles but right here on the hard drive(s) that is this forum is all the knowlage you need with no air fair. Also, I hope that all of this is obsolete soon.


With as much work as they are doing behind the scenes on getting the passthrough software going, I don’t know that this would be in their best interest, since it would likely not be relevant for long.


I’d love a service and repair training. Like a certification. That might save at least some shipping around the country.


Agreed. I’m not knocking the idea either as many dealers for wide format printers, vinyl cutters, etc have similar things; but what about a small spin on the idea?

What if they hosted an open house event if you will, where the dev team can see first hand how we are using/loading/aligning/materials etc. to better develop the usability. It’s one thing to read a bug log, but it’s another to see the process before/during/after. The dev team knows how they want it to be used but we may use it differently and not the get results they expected. The team could “watch” multiple users rather than just get input from a single, and it could easily range from new to experienced.

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