You like 90's music? Yeah, I thought so



I would prefer traditional Irish. A good way for Kansas City to rename their team without changing a word and talk of their own heritage instead if hijacking others…


Yes, that was the point of my post. I was hoping to spark a discussion of racial politics in NFL team names. Thank goodness you took the bait.

But to bring it back to topic: I did see the chieftains live on the 90s so sure why not?


Ever since the Music industry stuck a knife in the back of the Folk music tradition I dropped out out of listening to any modern source till discovering what still lived in the SCA.
one modern harp and hammered dulcimer.

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And then there is this also but they won’t let him take is instrument on the plane with him…

Aww - now I’m a little sad because the 2nd stage is THE DELUXE PAINT IV STAGE and I SO miss that program! I kept it for years after it was defunct and finally gave it up when it could no longer print to my printer :stuck_out_tongue:

and also I would like to go here now please

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