You like miniatures? You also like mid century futurism?

… do I have a link for you:




Attention to detail is when you include the clutter in the garage!


I know exactly how much fun they had creating the rooms.


Wow! The detail goes so deep… :no_mouth: … The newspaper on the back wall of the furnace room…

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That is ridiculously detailed. I can’t imagine trying to create all those tiny objects.



Apparently discord says you can’t post !!! on its own, you have to make a sentence


Wow!!! that really is incredible. I was trying to figure out how small the FF poster is. It says she needlepointed all the rugs.

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Gosh, if it weren’t for the camera angles I’d have thought they were full size!

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These pics mess with my mind. My mind is still convinced that that is the bigget Campbell soup can I have ever seen… incredible!

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Crazy awesome stuff!

This is incredible!

The photographer must have been channelling Andy Warhol…

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Being fascinated with miniatures myself, I cannot believe the attention to detail in this amazing house!! I am hoping to make several mid century modern houses, but not this big. Does anyone know of instructions on how to design them on the Glowforge?? Fabulous work!!

HMMM I’m thinking why make a miniature house? just make a giant soup can and move it around your house. GENIUS!!!


The detail is just jaw dropping. I mean, a tiny lava lamp in the man cave??

Hudson’s Bay Company blanket showing the points. Amazing detail! Thanks for sharing.

Each room is amazing to just gaze at.

Holy cow! That is one of the most impressive things I’ve seen made. It looks sooooo real! The hours that must have gone into it. And the cost…

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