Your favorite background remover?

I have 2 images to remove the background from from my granny she made for me before she past. How do I remove the background so I can engrave it into something for my mom.

Thank you all so much for any advice or help!

Some previous discussions can get you going:


Using PaintNet I grab the background colour with the selector tool and delete anything within ~35% of it - then switched to greyscale - then adjusted brightness -100 to get:


It leaves a little “dirt” to be cleaned up with an eraser tool, but gets you within 90%


I’m actually doing this same thing at the moment. In Inkscape I import the image then use the “Trace Bitmap” feature to pull the text. Here are a couple of examples of what I was able to create. To get the black image on glass I used Cermark marking spray.


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