"Your Glowforge had quite the year!"

So, Glowforge has cumulative usage data for our machines. This isn’t news.

Any chance we could actually see this data ourselves, so we could maintain the machines on some sort of schedule? Or do we just have to back into runtime from the number of Brachiosaurs we’re told we’ve traced at the end of the year?


Or, you can do what I’ve done from the beginning, create an excel spreadsheet and annotate the print time when you print…

I got that same type of email. But, I doubt its accuracy… I use my machine 2 or 3 times a week and I haven’t even had it a year yet. But that email said that I had printed 550 designs?

I question what they consider a “design”, because my designs can be complicated when I do print something, but there is NO WAY I ran 550 jobs since I got my :glowforge: (or else I really do have a problem and need to get checked into rehab…)

Because that’s user friendly. :eyeroll:



Pretty sure it’s 550 uploads or 550 hittings of the button, not necessarily 550 completed designs.


Mine said 1,113. I can’t remember most of what I cut, so not going to dispute it, though I am curious where the number is from.


That could be closer to the truth. I do upload a file sometimes just to see how it would load in the GFUI. And sometimes I see an issue in the file I was going to print and edit it and upload again.


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