Your package has been delivered

No working life was a lot more fun in the 80’s. Couldn’t get away with a lot of it nowadays! Glad I stopped being employed five years ago.

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Woohoo, congrats!

I noticed the bubbles in the tube. I am assuming that they have now all disappeared?


I was worried about those when I saw them, but they appear to have worked themselves out.

Yay! Good for you!

Oh ye Gods yes…

There is nothing i like more than being able to walk out of a board-room or even (only done it once) a Client if they are just wasting my oxygen.
I could NEVER go back to being an employee, even at the top of the tree


No in-service lunches? We can’t accept gifts here in nj either but…if there’s training or a lecture for a certain amount of time, it’s part of the experience instead of a gift.

Educational activities are sort of allowed…

What was he/it missing an :ear:

Hopefully Vincent doesn’t cause anyone to lose an ear! I would have been derelict in my Laser Safety Officer duties…