Your package has been delivered


squeeeeeeeeee. unboxing now. Only one handle missing.


Congrats! Let the games begin!


Exciting day!! :tada::tada::tada:


I’m unboxing now. One question - my smaller box (with the exhaust duct, two metal rings, and the crumb tray) come labeled as “Model: Basic”, even though I got a Pro.

Is that normal/okay, or did I get the wrong box?


Did you get the glasses? I had a pro delivered in August and several things were labeled basic. I don’t believe there is anything other than the glasses and the pass through slot that are different.


Yep, got the glasses. Thanks for the tip!


They may have changed what is in which box, but I’m pretty sure my pro acc. box had the glasses, and supposedly the passthrough guards are now shipping with pros. Did you get a breakdown of what would be in each box when you got the “your order is on it’s way” shipping email?

edit: nevermind, if you got the glasses, you should be good.


And of course the… secret item. But we can’t talk about that, there may be Basic owners reading this.


Is it the check for $10,000? There must have been some mistake, because I got two of those in my box.


no problem. Should I include the chocolate chip cookies they put in all Pro boxes too, or can I just keep those?


I had an issue with the initial calibration (it seemed like it was physically stuck). I found (this thread)[Calibrating and glowforge made an awful sound] and was able to fix it by following Rita’s suggestions.

So without further adieu, I present to you all… Vincent van Glow:


Fun. Assume that was the very first time power had been applied and before the calibration issue. Glad you got it working.


Hahaha, that’s just how I felt!


One cool thing about my Prusa 3D printer was the gummy bears inside the box. What a great touch. Proofgrade is awesome, but candy sure is good.


Yeah, the glasses now come packed inside the pro packing pockets.


The company I buy my expensive laser goggles from include a big box of sweets and biscuits. A bit annoying as I would prefer cheaper goggles. My theory is most people that buy them are employees so don’t pay the bill but do like a free box of sweets to pass around the office.


Excellent news!!! Enjoyed your video!


When I worked for a company I got loads of freebies like bottles of whiskey, etc, during the 80’s and early 90’s but later on the company decided all gifts had to be put into a raffle at Christmas as it was unethical to get presents from suppliers. Still kept trivial things like pens and mugs.


The folks I get parts for my motorcycles from do the same thing. My daughter gets to the box before I get home and grabs the candy :slight_smile:


Yeah, as a practicing physician I under Massachusetts law can’t accept gifts from suppliers of any monetary value (including pens), and there is no longer anything like a free lunch… And any supplier based funding has to be publicly disclosed (hence my sign at MFNY).