Your Sad Ghostface is Sad


Been messing around with Autodesk’s Sketchbook app on my iPad and Apple Pencil. Before you say it, Yes, they do kind of look like teeth.

Placed in Illustrator, copied a duplicate into a second layer, live traced in order to outline the stroke for a cutline.


The detail in that is insane. Nice!


Creepycute! I like 'em!


Or these guys.



Who wouldn’t want to use this coaster! So cute!!!


If you have a dentist (who is very friendly with you), give him/her a plaque of it.

An honest dentist will admit that it looks like a dental internist nightmare! :japanese_ogre::grimacing:


lol… “PLAQUE”


Also, why can’t I have multiple rows of teeth like that? I mean… sharks don’t complain. MAKE ME A SHARK, GOD. IT’S NOT LIKE I ASK FOR MUCH! GAH!


Nice! The laser is capable of such minute detail.
Really enjoy seeing the forum populating with completed projects!
We waited so long for this… :sunglasses:


I’m actually wanting to up the LPI. I used the default PG settings.


In my experiments with lpi, I found it necessary to reduce power as the lpi increases. A 340 lpi looks good at 80%, but up the lpi to 1355 and it burns a hole through the material. :no_mouth:


Yes once the lines start to overlap they will go deeper unless you reduce the power or increase the speed to keep the energy density the same. Unfortunately because both power and speed are now obfuscated it isn’t easy to do that without trial and error.


Curious as to where in terms of lpi the beam width begins to overlap :thinking:


1/0.008 = 125 LPI but the beam doesn’t have a definite diameter. It is a Gaussian distribution, so doesn’t have a hard boundary.




At the presentation at Seattle Mini Maker Faire, @dan said the beam is 0.006”.

Yes, this.


It might be 0.006" beam and 0.008" kerf that I have seen but it really depends on the power when engraving. More power will make a wider line as well as deeper. If the beam was a well defined circle it would mainly get deeper (there can be some sideways spread of heat).

Beam diameter can be defined in five ways apparently:


Great work using Sketchbook. This has some wicked detail!


Thank you! Of all the hot iPad apps that use the Apple Pencil, this might be my unexpected favorite!

The radial symmetry functionality is super useful.


@rekanize Amazing work! I am really going to have to try out the Radial Symmetry feature. Thanks for sharing the inspiration! :grin: