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Hi all, I know absolutely nothing about lasers. The Glowforge will be my first and I am very much looking forward to owning such a great tool and learning!!!

I have an extensive collection of plastic hotel keys (The ones that look like credit cards) I would love to get your thoughts on what I could make with them… I assume that the Glowforge will cut and engrave on them???

Looks like I will be receiving mine 3rd quarter 2016.

Looking forward to your comments



I suggest doing the “flame test” on them to see if they contain chlorine.


Wow, thank you… good to know! So much to learn, I appreciate the advice :slight_smile:

It may be good to make a “Newbie” thread and post good safe projects and materials???

A bunch of ‘pocket puzzles’? Little mini puzzles - or 3D models.
Something like these:

How about these:

There is name for business cards that can be ‘turned in’ to other things. I forget the what it is. I will try to look around for it.

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Welcome to the party. :slightly_smiling:
If you use the search (upper right corner) and poke around a bit you will find there are lots of threads on materials and safety. We are all excited about getting glowforges, and people have been posting lots of great stuff here. Make sure you take advantage of it!


I would be very cautious. Most credit cards and swipe cards are made from PVC. To be brief: Lasering PVC is bad.

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There is a long list of useful links about to be posted soon, with links to safe materials and info. I hope the first version this weekend.


Thank you all for the very helpful information :slight_smile: It is a huge help!