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These fancy envelopes I’m using are made from Thailand Hill Tribe Paper… Look it up!.. It’s a thing! reminiscent of Japanese Rice Paper. Anyway, I think I will tweek the bridge widths for O’s, D’s & R’s, but it’s pretty much there. I’m inserting a piece of cardboard (cut from a taquitos box haha) as a wasteboard/ blocker board, so the cut is only on the front. Cut at 500/3 with 2 passes. 20171202_02345320171202_023508


Ooooo, that is really neat. It cut so cleanly, no sign of char at all. I wonder if it’s because of the type of paper?


Oh… The paper will char. haha I tested a bunch of settings on one envelope first. 500/3 at 2 passes was the best result, what you see here :slight_smile:


Well, I will have to give rice paper a try (closest thing I have). I really like the look!

Cool! I’d like to see your results. I think I have a few sheets of rice paper, just gotta scrounge em up. It’d be fun to try that too.

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Beautiful and clever!

Great effect! Love the texture on that paper! :grinning:

Your project turned out beautifully! I especially love the look with the contrasting paper (taquitos box, LOL) behind it. You could have a lot of fun with that effect.

It’s a wonderful thing! Not only is the paper beautiful, it really empowers the villagers. Prostitution is a primary means of income there, and as a result, young women must typically leave their villages/family in order to earn a living and send money home. Unsurprisingly, HIV/AIDS are very prevalent issues. These traditional/cottage industry crafts (such as handmade paper, silver and textiles) provide these women with an economic alternative that reduces their risk of disease and enables them to remain with their families. Your small paper purchase may have had a profound impact on someone’s life.


Only the wisest will let nothing stop them from using every resource available to them!


Thank you!

It turned out neat right!? Thanks! Yeah the paper has a very nice feel to it as well.

Thanks much! And thanks for going the extra mile & including that little write-up about the Thailand Hill Tribe Paper! Actually the orange & pink pattern paper is what was intended to be in there. The taquitos box part is just an ugly brown thing haha.


Haha, use what ya got, right? Up-cycle, Re-cycle! :slight_smile:

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