Youtube watercolor channel recommendation

This is a good time to pick up a nightly lighthearted soothing watercolor video. The woman who runs it is just amazingly talented. Watercolor is one of those forms that I am just amazed by.

One video a day, M-F. It’s a great way to wind the day down.


That’s an artform that has always intrigued me, but the ability to do it has always eluded me.
she is amazing.


She wasn’t in tune with her sketchbook? Sure looks like she was in tune! ONe more thing on the list to try!

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I jump on art channels here and there, one that’s always good is “DrawingWiffWaffles” who has a ton of marker and other types of work, “Peter Draws” is an interesting one for his own pen illustrations, and “Drawfee” if you’re into a comedic trio challenging each other to random drawing contests.

I’ve not seen this channel before, but wow, that’s some serious talent! I’ve always been fascinated by watercolor, and still do I tell my wife that if I were to get a tattoo, it would be watercolor inspired. (Google image search watercolor tattoos, there are some really cool ones out there)


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