Zebra Striped Bowl: Take 2

A few weeks ago I posted about my first Zebra Striped Bowl. I loved that piece, but I just knew that it wouldn’t be complete without a companion piece. So I present another take on the Zebra Bowl.

This bowl was less than 10" in diameter, so I could easily do the stripes in one pass. Based on some customer feedback, I also added a custom plate stand to match the theme of the bowl.

Of course, no piece would be complete without a signature…

I really love how the GF allows me to add a nice makers mark and signature to the bottom of my pieces which I previously struggled to do by hand. Now I can have my name, signature, and year created, along with a small nod to my 2 Saints Design business.

Overall, I am extremely happy with how I have been able to use the GF to enhance my woodturnings. This is exactly what I was hoping for when I bought the GF. I am looking forward to trying a lot of new things with the GF to see how far I can really go.


Oh I like that one even more! The subtle glitter is FTW :heart:

Your incredibly shiny sealant on the back made me think that was a record :stuck_out_tongue:


The “glitter” effect is caused by the gloss urethane on the rough engraved wood. The back of the piece is painted with black Gesso Acrylic. I make the grooved texture by using my brush while the piece is turning at about 100 RPM on the lathe. The paint is thick enough that you can create textured effects like this one.


Very interesting. Love it!

Love it! Such an amazing effect!

I’ve never had a tool that inspires creativity like this thing.


Lovely design and execution. That’s some very nice wood grain in the center. What kind of wood?


It is Spalted Maple. It is basically Maple that is in the middle of decaying. The spalting is caused by a specific type of mold that creates these color variations and black spalt lines.


I love salted woods. I have a bunch of pieces in the garage I bought off eBay back in 2002-2004. Waiting for a project worthy of it.


  1. Don’t drink while on eBay.
  2. If you find yourself saying, “I’ll show this guy” when bidding on something, step away from from the computer.
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I love projects where lasering is combined with other skills. Evergreen.

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