Zen Garden CNC End Table



This showed up in my inbox yesterday:

There had been discussion about a similar table on Kickstarter some time back Sisyphus kickstarter . I had been thinking about this idea ever since. I like the manual control idea of the Instructable . I would like the option of both manual drawing and vector upload when I make mine. I see lots of opportunity for using the laser in the construction of such a table.


Ok, now there’s something else I neeeeed to have/make. Maybe I should spend some time in rehab away from all the good ideas so I can “dry out” and come back to reality :smile:


I think a prototype could be built in an hour. I have everything but a buckyball magnet for rolling around. It’s a tinyG board and several different sets of steppers. Have the mechanics and electronics ready. Prototype with cardboard while you are waiting.


It’s a simple table(other then the control system. Just a regular end table with a sand box of sorts. Nice idea.

Maybe for a more hands on, slightly less computer version, make a giant etch a sketch? Izzy swan did this some time back:

Maybe without the router?

Ooooo just hit me, giant coffee table!


Just the thought of a running router is about as opposite of Zen as I can think :wink:. There are certainly a lot of approaches that could be used with this idea. I can’t wait to see what people come up with!





Saw this video the other day, and thought of this thread.


yes, I’ve been thinking the same thing. Took far too long to get to sleep last night after a flurry of ideas.


I’m pretty sure I found this somewhere on these forums (the kickstarter is closed.) I guess it would be the advanced version.


Uh, why is that so mesmerizing? Uh, yeah, mumbly-yet-sophisticated british man, that toy is good for small children.