Zentangle patterns, tiles and Sharpies

I fell deep into the Zentangle rabbit hole this week, and I have about a dozen patterns I want to do. Be careful, if you start looking at them you will lose countless hours ohhing and ahhing whilst you imagine the things to put them on!


Nice! I really like that giraffe.


A kitchen backsplash springs to mind. How many ways can you employ your imagination?

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The zoo is your world.

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WOW! Love a good tile project! The giraffe is fantastic!

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Now I have to go back to the store and get 4x6" tile, since there are so many full body patterns I want to do! zentangle-rhino


Thanks! My wife picked the color. I had to make her a coaster set of her favorite animals.

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What’s a zentangle?

An art style that probably got its start in grade school doodling and then became a thing.

aka the mandala of irregular shapes… :slight_smile:

They look great! Zentangles are a lot of fun!

Thank you!

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Your came out so much better than any I have made. Can you share the setting you used to carve the tile?

I really think it has to do with the original file. High resolution pics are doing wonders for my prints.
However, speed 680, Full Power, Grayscale (vary power) and 340 LPI

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Finally bought a box of 3x6 tiles. Now I have ideas of snakes or dragons that stretch over multiple ones…


What did you color your tile with and what settings? The details are much better than what I am getting.

Love them

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For coloring I just use Sharpies. My wife has a big collection of them with about 20 colors.

I use Full Power, 680 Speed, Vary Power at 340 lines per inch.
The most important thing is a hi-res picture to start with. The higher the resolution, the cleaner and clearer the etch will turn out.

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