Zippo lighters

I’ve done many zippo lighters even last week I did my brother one, at settings 250/100/34, but now wasting Cermark it’s just wiping off.

Have you tried printing the Gift of good measure on proofgrade material? Support staff will ask you to print one and post photos to help diagnose issues. Also have you cleaned your optics recently? Both windows mirror and lens?

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As this deals with non-Proofgrade materials and settings, this is not the appropriate section for this topic. I am going to move it to Everything Else so that the conversation can continue.

I would also check that the lighter isn’t protected with something that is preventing the Cermark from adhering.


I think Zippo has changed it’s manufacturing methods. I have had the same problem lately with them.

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I figured it out it’s the new auto focus button needs to be switched to manual


Yes to both questions

what was the result of the gift of good measure?

Came out good

I love it when you can solve your own questions, and also came back to update the forum thread so that others might be able to find it if they have the same problem! Good catch on the new button as well!



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