Ziro - lasers made robots? Does it get any better?

Just saw an upcoming indiegogo campaign for Ziro, a gesture controlled robot module setup that looks like it could join with glowforge 3d designs to make all sorts of robot fun. Like the r2d2 in the video, or the pterodactyl. Not launched yet but there’s a pre-launch contest opportunity to win one if you’re interested, and signup for the campaign updates. http://virl.io/NPfUbDsV

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That is a great kit - especially with the GF! Thanks for the link!

That’s quite awesome! I may have to pick one up. Hopefully the smart glove works better than past glove controllers.


I backed Ziro on IndieGoGo and am still waiting for the product, supposedly shipping in January. Between a 3D printer and the GF there should be no problem accessorizing it.