Zodiac Moon Phases Wall Art

Another item from my goodwill crao to crafts series.
If you want to see the process, click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iu05EUFP2AQ&t=1s


Do you “sign” your work (like on the back of this one). You should! When I find interesting pieces like this, I value them more if the maker has left their mark on it. It’s not likely you’ll make this exact piece again. Your sign or signature on it could make it quite valuable in the future.


Saw you work on this in your video. It is a nice piece. Thanks for the tip on the DAP Rapid Fuse.


Lol next time up up to me! I’d love to chat about laser stuff IRL. I go to the same goodwill all the time. <3

Idk I don’t really like signing stuff in general. I leave business cards in the package when I ship orders. Idk I might start adding my website url on the back in case they loose the business card though. Idk I make a variety of stuff so I’d have to customize the “brand mark” each time and I can be lazy lol.

Curious as to why you would need a new brand mark. You are your brand. Come up with one you like and just use it on everything.

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I meant it was on your video.