Zombies beware


Here’s a chainsaw design for all you “zombie-apocalypse-cosplayers” out there.

It’s meant to be cut out of 1/4 foam.

Here is the cut file.

chainsaw.pdf (86.8 KB)

I put everything in one cut file this time, rather than make 9 different files. It would take 9 sheets of 1/4 20x12 foam to cut it all.

Cut at your own risk, I have not tried it myself yet.

Once again, I am not responsible for any harm you do to any of your zombie friends.


Oh, cool! I like that even better than the little swords! :relaxed:


Bookmarked! I’m not into cosplay myself, but my kids will probably love this!


Note to the Fusion 360 designers on the forum. I’m somewhat disappointed that Fusion 360 did not have “blood splattered steel” in the material list. It would have made the rendering so much better!


Oh, this. this is cool!


Here is a handmade one I made for my daughter’s halloween costume.

Cutting the foam teeth by hand was a chore. A GlowForge will make the job easier next time!

(the large red body of the chainsaw is a one gallon Arizona Tea jug)


Super cool!!


You make really fun stuff! Thanks for sharing this!


Fun! Thanks!


What is the finished length?


It’s almost 30" long.

It is not one continuous piece (like the sword I made). Instead, I made the blade as long as possible, while still fitting within a 20" bed. To make it feel more solid, it sits within a cavity in the handle part. If you look at a cross-section, it looks like this:

The blade part the protrudes the handle part is about 16" long. You can find real chainsaws with that size blade, although they are “light duty” chainsaws.

If you have pro, you could lengthen the blade parts and make a longer blade using the passthrough slot.




Very cool! Thank you for sharing - I will let you know how this works out after December when I get my gf!