Zooids - swarm robots



Looking forward to starting this project.
There are laser cut parts!


I’ve never seen anything so charming and frightening at the same time. :smiley::fearful:


Totally agree!


Oooh… shiny.

This is a rabbit hole I know I cannot risk getting anywhere near… I could lose a few years easily playing with this if it is really open source like it appears to be.



Could they become Glowforge groupies :open_mouth:


Sweet! All my sci-fi fears in a cute little package. Definitely have to bookmark that one.


Holy smokes that was awesome!!


I see a Stephen King/Sci Fi Channel movie in the making…:astonished::scream:


You think these are scary? You should see 6 inch robotic ants swarming together doing tasks…think Terminator Apocalypse… :scream: - Rich


The 2 minute video version. They are so cute.


They’re always cute … until they decide to take over the world !!!:earth_americas:


These are awesome… and I keep going back to referencing this movie in this forum!


Omg. I. Love. Them!!! Need an entire entourage of them right now.


They are amazing!!! :squee: But you want to know what would be more amazing?

Paint them yellow to be your minions and follow you everywhere :grin:


All Hail our tiny robot helpers! Who wouldn’t want a swarm of robot helpers! However I think i want “minions” more. :smiley: