1/16 acrylic and tiles

can anyone help me with 1/16 thick acrylic settings for cutting ang engraving and what tile engraving settings are?

Which machine do you have? The proofgrade settings for cutting acrylic should work, but testing is the best way to understand the abilities of your laser. It’s a treasure hunt, after working with different materials a bit you begin to get a feel for the effect you’re after.

Are you asking about glazed ceramic tiles?


I suggest using the Eco Thin Acrylic Proofgrade setting for 1/16" acrylic and 1000/full for the ceramic tile.


Oh interesting! I looked under “acrylic” and none of the thin settings showed up - so I was thinking maybe they weren’t loaded into the :glowforge:s, only the :aura:s - but typing in “thin” or “eco” and there they are :smiley:

I wonder if I used them if they’d populate higher up the list (since you only get like 20 options when you do a search.


I have the pro

Yes like Home Depot tiles

There are lots of posts about tile. Here is one place to start: Etching Tile - #5 by bkressley

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