1/16th materials?

I picked up some .093" lexan, obviously just under 1/10th" - and it’s working really well for some smaller stuff.

I’d like to work with <~2mm/1/16th" or less materials - specifically acrylic and draftboard.

I’ve got chipboard - which is basically thick cardboard - but it’s nowhere near as strong and stiff as PG draftboard.


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You can get plywood right down to super thin.

trotec has .15mm and .5mm acrylic. I really want to make wedding invites out of it

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It’s gonna cost ya though.

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No doubt! Cost starts back up after 1/8", the really thin stuff is stupid expensive.

This much:

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Ive been having a lot of fun building things from Canson Watercolor Art Board, which is pretty close to 1/16” (I use .065” in the materials thickness). Here’s an example:


Oh now THAT is brilliant, and exactly what I was looking for as a thinner but strong draftboard substitute!

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I picked up some of the usual hobby-grade stuff but it’s too expensive to use in quantity…

Yes unfortunately the price goes up as you pass 1/8", If you need a larger quantity look at Aircraft Spruce.

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