HO Scale House


Here’s what I’ve been up to today:

(Urrrrr…I need to fix that roof line).

I bought the cut files from MakeCNC. This one is the Milton Villa, and it came in several formats and scales. I used the 1/16th inch (HO scale) svg files, with Canson Plein Air Watercolor Board which is pretty close to that thickness. If you buy these files, there is a small error: one of the doors is the wrong size and needs to be carved down to fit. I colored the cut pieces with watercolors, and used white glue to assemble.

I had a plan for this house to go inside a scene for a gift but it turns out that it’s too big to fit, so I guess I’ll just have to keep it for myself.

1/16th materials?
A question for model railroaders

Ugh! That is so squee it hurts! Look at the little railings! :grinning::squeeee::squeeee::squeeee:


They’d survive for about 30 seconds in my hands. :slight_smile:


Same here… Fantastic work though. Roof line looks like mine after the Hurricane. :sunglasses:


Pfffft I’d build a whole town/city out of buildings like that just so I could pretend to be Godzilla.


This is absolutely spectacular! What a perfect example of a great Glowforge project. I’m so happy that you did this and shared it with us.


Very cool. At one time I made architectural models for a living and my hands are itching to go back there again. But I don’t have any idea what I would do with one once I finished it.


Great detail on that! Another change I would make to the file is to cut the side trim a bit larger to cover the edge of the other side, if that makes sense.

I think any model railroad guys would be proud to put that on display. Next step - holiday lighting for seasonal occasions!


very nice


Yep, that makes sense! Actually, I’m working on some significant changes to the files that should allow me to scale it down without worrying about material thickness too much. So I could still maybe use it in my original application. Or at least slice the whole thing in half and still use it.


So adorable!! I’m with @mpipes…make a town and let Godzilla have fun…lol


Some smoke. Some laser. A little UFO costume for the head. Tilt-shift camera effect. Sounds like a short film in the making.


Great job, Christmas village coming next?


That’s very neat, your colouring is cool too. I’ve been working on the artwork for some high street shops to sell into the HO/OO railworld modelling community.


This is amazing!
I am currently working on the rules for a skirmish wargame and I am using 15mm miniatures while doing prototypes. Pretty much all of my stuff fits really well with HO scale so its super fun to see something like this!


@kellyandrewsands and @Dunfee, I’d love to see what you’re working on. What materials are you using for the scale models?


So a little background first! My game I want the rules to be able to be used with any models no matter if they are scifi or fantasy. I want the players to be able to buy the models they think are cool (Like I often do) and assign stats and play the game based on what they want that model to have.

I finished a bunch of scifi terrain:

And now I am working on fantasy buildings so I can match that style:


Bonus picture of the 2x2 terrain boards I’m currently working on. They are all textured up and painted espresso brown and now they need a drybrush and to add the grass flock

Everything is made from pink insulation foam, balsa and wood glue! Sometimes with a little sand for gritty areas




That’s some serious artistry. :grinning:


Your terrain is amazing! You are quite a miniature artist.