1/4 BB settings help and charring clean up pointers

Can anyone PLEASE tell me the best settings for the 1/4 BB! I’ve tried full power and speed of 120 but a lot of sections not cutting through. So knocked it down to 100. Cut through but have tons of charring (I guess you call it that) to the point it actually burnt some places off :roll_eyes:

Also, any pointers on how to get rid of the black burnt side after cutting. I usually just wipe off really good with the 1/8 but this 1/4 seems to be horrible especially since it’s dealing with a slower cut

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I’ve moved this to Beyond the Manual, since it’s the only part of the forum where non-PG settings are allowed.

Here’s a search to get you started on finding the information you need:

Also take a look at this simple test strip that is incredibly helpful when you’re trying to nail down settings:

You might do better with two passes on your 1/4" stock. Sounds like you’ve got a tough batch of BB.

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So ironically, I just finished some cuts on 1/4 BB a couple mins ago. I’m on a basic, and my BB is from Ocooch. Plywood varies a ton, so the best way will be to dial in your settings as referenced in the above post. That being said, here’s what worked for me: 1 pass full power/140 speed with auto focus height. Then, a second pass also at full power/140 speed, but I set the focus height (in the cut setting, not the camera set focus) to 0.125”. This was cut all the way through for probably 90% of the cut. The other 10% needed a slight push or just running a sharp blade along the line to complete the cut.

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I have had better results with thicker materials by focusing below the surface. Generally for 1/4", I set to focus at 1/8". It makes sense to me.

I have posted pics of the edge of cuts on .39" (iirc) material using different focus depths, and the “straightest” and cleanest cuts were focused about 1/2 way thru. Good luck finding them, though (I can’t this morniing…)

I’m talking single pass. I never use multiple passes.

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for removing Charring… I am using what somebody else here suggested. POOL Salt. now the aggravating part was when i first read about that, I had just dumped the last of my pool salt into the dang pool, so I didn’t have any more. So I did get more and it works GREAT. I made a bunch of little tabbed boxes(trays really) to go into some drawers to be organizers. worked like a charm. I highly recommend it!

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