1/4 inch maple plywood

I’m trying to cut through 1/4" maple plywood and I cannot get it to cut through. I’m very new to Glowforge and I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. I set the speed to 250 and full power? I would greatly appreciate any help with this.

That is way too fast. Try the Proofgrade settings for thick maple plywood.


I am personally curious how on earth you came up with that speed, considering it’s substantially faster than even for 1/8" material.

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Hey, welcome to the forum, theres a ton of good info here, you should surf around, it’s a great resource.

As for your specific question, there’s a quick and easy testing method that has worked really well for me:

If you get this setup, you’ll never have to ask for settings again! It’s so quick that you’ll have an accurate answer in about as much time as it takes to ask on the forum, and no waiting for a reply. :slight_smile:


I’m brand new and this is GOLD to me!

Awesome! Since you’re brand new, you might like this round up of some things I think most people need to know:

All kinds of good stuff linked in there, get a snack and a drink and dig in :slight_smile:

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