1/8" Cake Topper

Hi team, I would like to know if anyone has the settings for the back of an acrylic cake topper. I would like to add a piece in the back of my cake topper and use it to hang on the side of the cake. I can’t find anything on how to make it. I believe this person in the video is from UK.
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In principle, its dead easy – Cut the stick, measure the dimensions of its cross section (material thickness by how tall you made it), then use those measurements to cut the appropriate sized hole in the topper backpiece. The front piece will cover the front of the hole in the backpiece.

Be sure to practice on a bit of the back piece material, you’ll need to adjust for kerf to get a good fit. If you’re not sure what that means, search the forum (magnifying glass at upper right) for “kerf.” If you don’t have a pair of digital calipers, it’s time to add one to your GF toolkit – it’s the only reliable way to measure material to the tolerances required by these sorts of joins. Even a cheapo set from Harbor Freight or Amazon will work.

Good luck!


I will definitely get the measuring machine! Thank you!

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