1/8 in coaster holder file. Acrylic

I am trying to find a coaster holder file to display layered acrylic coaster designs. I need it to fit 1/8in acrylic coasters. Bought a file from Etsy and it’s not good. Been trying to work with the seller but no luck so far. If someone could point me in the right direction I would be grateful. Not good enough yet to design my own.

Lets have a look at the file that won’t work for you. :wink:

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Did you do a search on here? There are several articles. Some have free files. Check it out. Lots of good stuff to help you and stimulate your imagination. Here’s one example:

And don’t be afraid to scroll thru the thread. The one I gave you was at the top, but it opens way at the bottom.


I did do a search and seen that one. I want to display the coaster vertically on an acrylic stand. They are a layered scene and need to be displayed vertically. Thanks.

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The one he linked is mine and it is vertical. You could make it out of acrylic, I have seen that variation.


I’m not at my computer but I can post tomorrow. Thanks.

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Did you see the one with the Christmas motif?

I don’t think so. Will look again. Thanks.

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