#1 Piece for the Painter's Tool Trestle

Does anyone have the #1 piece for the Painter’s Tool Trestle kit or know where I can get it? I purchased it today and the only part that comes up, even after I refresh my webpage, is the #2 section. I purchased the lifetime use of it and would like to be able to get the project completed as I have #2 already cut and waiting for the #1 piece.
Thanks in advance

From other references to this…

If you open the design from the home page, just delete everything (select all, delete), then click on the “…” on the menu bar. There will be a Reset Design link which should restore the catalog design to fresh and new. Note that this only works for catalog designs, not your own uploads.

Thanks for trying to help but it looks like I have to wait for customer service to make an appearance for this one. I messaged them but it usually takes several days before I hear anything back from them normally.

It still wouldn’t hurt to give Robert’s suggestion a try. That message usually pertains to problems with the file, and a design reset should certainly fix that.

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Yes my suggestion was Cyndy"s suggestion on another thread,

I’m so sorry you ran into trouble! When you purchase a catalog design that is in two parts, both parts will show on your dashboard as two separate designs labeled accordingly. It is possible that one part of the design could have gotten buried under the others in your design library if you have a lot of uploads. You may need to click “view all” at the bottom of the design dashboard to view all of your purchased and uploaded designs.

If you still don’t see that part of the design there, please let us know.

Hello Dakota,
I just opened up my Library to see if it might have dropped further down (I do have a lot of stuff saved) but I still do not see the #1 part, only the #2. Is it possible for support to delete and reset the design so that both parts show up in my library?

Thanks for the suggestion. Sadly, there is no #1 part to be able to reset. That screenshot is all that comes up for part #1. Part #2 is present so that (…) reset would work on it, #1 doesn’t reflect in my library at all.

Bummer. That happened to a person one other time and as I recall only Support could fix it. Sorry!

I’m sorry for the trouble with this design. I’ve added a new copy of this design to your account. Could you please refresh your Design Library and let me know if you now see the #1 piece?

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Thank you Vee. The design part #1 is in my Library now after I refreshed everything. I appreciate the help! Have a great day.


Thank you for the update. I’m glad to hear that the steps Vee took resolved the issue! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into trouble again, or have any questions, please post a new topic here on the forum or email us at support@glowforge.com and we’ll be happy to help.