10 Minute Project



Testing the rapid-prototyping waters, I just used a sharpie on a piece of Proofgrade Maple to make a oven rack pull (riffing off of @Jules example). 4m15s to engrave and cut.

Did I mention that I :heart: my :glowforge:?

Weekly Highlights for the Week Ending April 1st, 2017

Awesome-sauce! :smile:
(That’s the same model I used to toast myself on.)


It’s normally set to “Cookies,” but being a weekend and all… :wink:


What a cool idea. Anytime you are not getting burned has to be cool. :grin:


fighting fire with fire(lasers), wise choice.


Perfect! I like the engraving. And this reminds me to make something similar so I can use my convection oven as a dehydrator. (You have to push in a metal spring loaded piece).


Very cool. Love the quick turn around.


So is the toaster oven also a tanning bed? Things that make you go “hmmm”


No…it’s more like it makes me go…“ouuuuuch!” :tired_face:
(Followed by other less acceptable words.)


I need one of those for the under drawer on our oven. I always preheat the oven, then reach in there and burn my hand pulling out the pizza pan.

Side note, I learned that drawer is actually there to keep food warm, not store crap…there’s even a warning in the bottom.