100$ referral discounts are not showing up in my "referral meter"

I’ve done my best to spread the word about the glowforge and also put my friend referral link out there. Several people used it (thanks guys) but I did not get an email about all of these, nor did they show up in the visual on my “referral meter”-page. I’ve written a message on this forum 5 days ago - where @dan admitted there was a glitch (Where can I see my discounts?) and contacted support, both times getting the reply to be patient, because they all had to be put in by hand. However I did get some email notices practically in real time. So now I’m loosing my patience and wonder if other people had similar issues. I’m starting to get the feeling glow forge is cheating with the referrals.

same here, I know I have at least one person that bought using my referral link but hasn’t showed up on the meter yet…

@eveline_pieters @Keen4n
Has anything changed for either of you? Are your referrals now showing?

still no change here!

No change for me either. :frowning:

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Just curious, do you have confirmation (outside of notification from Glowforge) that your link was used?

Hi Eveline, thanks bringing to our attention. I’ve replied to your support ticket directly, and I can confirm that the referrals are showing up on the backend so we do have record of them and are working to get this resolved. :smile:

Yes I do have confirmation that the link was used from the people who used it. But no email from Glowforge and no change in the referral-meter. Although it didn’t always go wrong: I did receive some emails from Glowforge and those do evidently show up on the referral meter.

Hello, any news on the effort to turn out that list with all people who ordered using my referral? Please, I’ve been very patient!

I hope I’m not bugging you, but still nothing? I gave up after other folks said that they were getting emails about referrals, but now I wonder?

It takes 2-3 days after for my referral emails to show up, but my meter shows it immediately