100 watt Chinese Laser

I finally got my Chinese laser home. Here are some photos. I haven’t finished assembly. It was too late, but here are a few pics that I hope you like.


The thing is a beast!!! Congrats!!


Wow. Go big or go home. Who was your source for the purchase? Looking forward to some updates and demos.


That what my thought. Just a few hundred more to go big. I figured I would just go for it and get almost all the options. The only option I didn’t get was dual lasers.

I wasn’t able to get it home until late in the day so all I have installed in the laser tube. I will post more pics as I get it together and some videos. I can’t remember the name of the manufacturer. I will look it up and post tomorrow. I wanted something big enough that I could engrave an entry door. I have a new door that I want to do some custom work on before I install it.


Looking forward to seeing how you get along with that beast.


Wow…that is a monster. Let us know how it all works out.


I like the last picture best. Looks like you are thinking “holy crap, that thing is big”.:slight_smile:
Best of luck with your new toy.


That’s my son thinking “holy crap how are we getting that off the trailer”. We got it off. It wasn’t that hard when you use some physics. Unfortunately, I have two meetings with clients today so I can’t work on it until later today. I did make a video that I will put on youtube of the unloading and uncrating that I will put up later and I’ll put links here. The unloading is a time lapse.


I don’t have room for one of those, you are going to make me sell my house and buy a shop so I can get one.


Wow. Go big or go home.

Actually he went big and went home!


WOW! I’m excited to hear about the details!


Dang, looks big enough to engrave a side of beef.


That looks awesome! im so stoked for ya. Looks like it has a pass through and everything. Im very jealous.


I finally got it running, but not without a little difficulty. For some reason a ground wire was connected to a hot wire. This caused my circuit breaker to be tripped. There aren’t any schematics so I had to troubleshoot the whole system to finally find the wire at fault. Also, there is a bit learning curve. I didn’t understand how to use the autofocus, but now I got it worked out. It’s working great now, but I still have some things to learn.

Here’s one of my test cuts. Ignore the line on the apple. It is on the back and was part of one of my original test cuts.


Yeah it does have a passthrough. I’m going to use it on my entry good when I learn how to use it properly.


Congratulations on the purchase! It looks like you could take a larger tube in there too, if you don’t mind realigning post-upgrade.


Yeah Dan, it has plenty of room to go up higher. I may take it up to 130 when I get a little more practice. I haven’t got to use it much. I did something crazy by getting a second master’s degree so I’ve been stuck writing a big research paper and haven’t had a chance to play with it much :frowning2: (Only 6 weeks to go!!) I’ve already people coming by the house to see it and I’ve already got orders from two attorneys in the neighborhood to do signs for them. The word spread quickly.

It’s a huge machine and will be a great companion to the Glow Forge. The other GF as in girlfriend is wanting to make wedding invitations with this one, but I want her to hold out for the GF in December.

I think a fiber laser is next on my order list.

For those of you wondering the total for the laser came out to be $3950, plus $310 freight forwarder fee, plus $370 Los Angeles dock fee, plus $60 Dallas dock fee. It wasn’t cheap, but I think I can make it pay for itself in a year.


Entry door?

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So just out of curiosity. What does 100 watts get you? That still isnt enough to do metal (as i understand) Is it all a speed and depth thing?

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In my experience - yes. Speed and depth.

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